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30 Sep 2018

They've crossed the T's and dotted the I's

And, we're feeling the support, right in the middle!

Last month we told you about the formalisation of our two year partnership with TUI Care Foundation.  Although the partnership was formally acknowledged last month, the crew at Stansted had been collecting funds for us for some months. This year, to date, they have collected a phenomenal £2,791.98.

With the commitment of these funds, we ensured that the Teens attending our Activity Stay in August were able to take part in some of the "Challenge Me" workshops from our program Positive Steps.  These workshops provide an opportunity for the Teens to really test both their phsyical and mental strength.  They're encouraged by us and their Peers to participate in, and complete, sometimes, small physical tasks, where they see their confidence and self esteem increase and they have a real sense of achievement.  By taking part in a really supportive environment, they can start to understand what they can achieve in all aspects of their lives.

You'll see from the photos of the event that the tasks they completed were definitely not small.  During this week long stay, the Teens took part in rock climbing, bell boating and archery, and the feedback we received showed that their confidence and positivity was definitely on the up!

We are very grateful to the TUI Care Foundation for their commitment to raising funds over the next two years which will see us support more of the seven young people, aged 13-24, who every day in the UK hear the words "you have cancer".

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