Discovering the strengths cancer uncovered - a thank you to funders

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31 Jan 2022

Discovering the strengths cancer uncovered - a thank you to funders

This month, we have been working closely with a Charity Partner to support a small group of young people helping them to discover the personal strengths that their cancer has uncovered – supporting them, developing belief in their potential, inspiring them, building their confidence, and motivating them to make positive changes for their future beyond Cancer.

Over the last months, the young people have connected with each other over our Digital Delivery Platform, and then had a one-to-one with a life coach to explore their strengths and how their experiences have shaped them.  In the second Digital Session, they came together with the other beneficiaries again, and learned how to use to their strengths and experiences when applying for jobs.  They have worked with an HR Consultant who is helping them with all those difficult questions they may need to answer. In the third digital session, they learned the art of presentation and were given opportunities to practice these skills in a safe environment – rebuilding their confidence to attend the final digital session and present to peers their story, explain their strengths and how those strengths guide them. 

When Covid-19 restrictions are lifted and the young people are confident to use public transport again, they will then come together for face-to-face sessions with business mentors, designers, marketeers & industry representatives to work collaboratively to develop a new t-shirt design to go into production and be sold to raise awareness & funds for the Charity. 

Not only do young people fighting cancer experience worry about the impact their diagnosis will have on their future employment, but also suffer a significant impact on their mental health –depression, anxiety, loneliness, loss of confidence and self-esteem.  These activities, as well as teaching essential “business” skills to ready the young people for their next steps, connect them with others who genuinely know what it is like to face cancer in your teenage and young adult years, help them see that they’re not alone, support the development of peer-to-peer networks that last long beyond the activity. They learn and develop skills such as teamwork, public speaking, conflict resolution, time management, active listening, problem solving & communication skills.  They rebuild their confidence and motivation.  And, thanks to the very generous suppport of our funder, we have helped them to discover the strengths that Cancer uncovered.

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