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30 Sep 2022

London Scavenger Hunt - a thank you to funders

Teens Unite is all about connections and community, bringing together young people aged 13-24 who are fighting cancer and the long-term effects on their physical and mental health. Hosting a series of on-line and in-person events where cancer is not what makes them different, but what unites them.

For our Photo Scavenger Hunt, we took to the streets of London, the aim of the game – collect as many photos of the listed famous landmarks as possible. This game came down to the wire with one team losing 17 points due to lateness!

Team No Direction took the win with their brilliantly captured in-flight photo in the ‘Best Picture’ round.

We then dined on a much needed Honest Burger – We all more than got our steps in for the day so it was well deserved!

The health benefits of this kind of activity are many and include

  • improved focus, memory, attention, thinking, language and reasoning - important for young people living with cancer, many of who report Brain Fog following Chemotherapy
  • improved problem solving and communication skills
  • collaboration
  • improved social networks
  • an adrenallin rush - helping in overcoming stress so often experienced by young people living with cancer

And,for these guys, a great way to see our beautiful capital city.

“It was a really fun event, and a great chance to see loads of London and make some new friends! It was really relaxed, and a good way to get in your steps!”

To the funders of this new event for us, a huge thank you. With your continued support we will help more young people overcoming the challenges that cancer brings.

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