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16 Dec 2020

Ending the year with a new partnership

We are delighted to be ending what has been a very uncertain year with a very exciting new partnership. 

GTEK Plant Ltd, a civil engineering and groundworks business, whose projects are diverse, exciting and innovative and whose clients are many, and prestigious, are joining forces with Teens Unite to raise funds for and awareness of our work. 

And, even more exciting is the mentoring and support that their teams, with their vast experience and knowledge of the construction industry, will be offering to Teens who are interested in exploring construction and civil engineering as a potential career choice.

For any partnership to work, there must be synergy, shared values and common goals, and while you may not immediately think that a Civil Engineering Company and a Teenage Cancer Charity can be aligned, there is a lot that we have in common.  GTEK Plant Ltd are innovative and uncompromising, and this year, to deal with the restrictions imposed by the COVID-19 crisis, we have transitioned our beneficiary services online and increased their number by almost 400% - showing ourselves to be too.  GTEK Plant Ltd care about their staff and the communities in which they work and put them at the heart of everything they do, and for us, our staff, supporters, and of course the Teens are at the heart of everything we do. 

Teens Unite’s Chief Executive, Roxanne Lawrance says “working in partnership with a business like GTEK Plant Ltd is essential for a charity like ours.  GTEK Plant Ltd are a very well-respected business, they’re very well connected, and being based in our home County, they’re well known in the community, and we know they will be good at raising awareness of us and our work among their clients”.

Roxanne added “As we work towards our long-held ambition of building the House of Teens Unite, it’s really exciting to have GTEK Plant Ltd working with us. We are looking forward to hitting future milestones together and being able to support more young people fighting cancer than ever before”.

The strength of a partnership comes from an alignment of both vision and values, a deep understanding of the goals and a true collaborative effort to deliver them, we’re confident this partnership is going to be incredibly strong and we’re excited to see where it takes us both.

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