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1 Oct 2018

Critical information

This week we have been speaking to an Independent Financial Advisor who has been helping us understand some of the benefits of critical illness cover. 

Although we are acutely aware of the financial hardship that families can suffer if a child faces a critical illness we were not aware that many policies now automatically provide children’s benefits.

Of course, the money you would receive would not stop you from worrying about your child. But if something did happen, it would offer some financial support, easing a little of the pressure at a critical time. 

If you have critical illness cover, please do take the time to check out the details of your plan.  Some policies pay out up to half of your cover amount in these situations.  This money would help if you do have to reduce your working hours or take unpaid time off, it could help with the costs of travel and hospital parking, it could help provide additional care for your other children while you’re at the hospital, or pay for a special family treat like a holiday.

If you don’t currently have a Financial Advisor and you would like some independent advice about your existing cover, or you’re interested in discussing cover for your family, then you might like to give Richard Clarke at Flow a call -he is local to us in Hertfordshire, he is friendly and really took the time to help us understand how, with this kind of information, we might be able help some of the families we are supporting.

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