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17 May 2021

The Bearded Venturer

Dayle is taking on an epic, solo row across the Atlantic at the end of the year in aid of Teens Unite. His challenge has already taken many months of hardwork and preparation, then delayed due to COVID but now he's gearing up to get to his start line. As you can probably guess, he's an avid adventurer, but he's also come up with a creative way to raise sponsorship by crafting his own beer! Check out what has inspired him to take on this huge adventure and how you can help support his efforts:

"My motivation to row 3,000 miles across the Atlantic Ocean - solo and unsupported - was borne out of a mix of reasons: the recent loss of my beautiful mother in 2020; turning 50 years old and sat on the sideline watching the suffering endured by my cousin's 9 year old daughter who was found to have a large lump in her chest which transpired to be T Cell Lymphoblastic Lymphoma.

To be frank, I also grew bored of my own platitudes served up during my 40’s with great intentions to do ‘this' and ‘that’ so I simply wanted to put myself centre stage with nowhere to hide - so here I am.

The last 18 months have been totally consumed by the sheer unending logistical requirements of ensuring I get to the start line at Pacito Blanco, Gran Canaria in December, let alone my ‘Final Approach’ into Port St Charles, Barbados some circa 50 days later.

I’m not complaining and if it were easy I wouldn’t contemplate it. The fact that more people have climbed Everest than rowed solo across the Atlantic made it the perfect challenge. 

The fact is I NEED your support in realising this life changing event and in raising £50,000 for Teens Unite, a great charity who provide incredible support for young people with cancer and their drive to build the UK’s first purpose built refuge to encourage as many young people ‘to live their best life’ whilst fighting this dreadful disease.

As well as my search for corporate sponsors (options can be seen on my website via the link below) I have created a New England IPA to help with my fundraising campaign.

I have partnered with Hambleton Brewery in Ripon, renowned for brewing great beers. Together  we have created a wonderfully nuanced flavour profile with hints of tropical mango and passion fruit on the back end, a great connection to my ‘Final Approach’ into Port St Charles in Barbados.

With an ABV of 4.6%, it sits above a session ale and its slightly sweeter notes (not as bitter as many other IPA’s) makes it more palatable, whilst pleasing the beer connoisseur. 

We have chosen to use high end hops and malts such as Idaho 7, Olicana, Pilsner, Pale 2-row, Malted Naked Oats & Torrified, all of ‘the moment’ flavour components.

As a further thank you, for every case of beer purchased, your name will be added to the boat, making you a true part of the epic 3,000 mile adventure across the Atlantic.

The link below provides access to all the information surrounding my row, Teens Unite, my JustGiving page and online shop to purchase our IPA.

In closing, a final thank you in anticipation of your support, as it means a great deal."

‘Live life without limits’

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