Vietnam to Cambodia Cycle Challenge - Kep to Kampot

19 October 2017
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Vietnam to Cambodia Cycle Challenge - Kep to Kampot

This morning the team took a gentle ride towards the tranquil, riverside town of Kampot.  Kampot is sometimes described as a “black hole” due to its slow pace and easy-going nature, which has a gravitational pull on tourists, making it hard to leave.

After a ride of 50km, the team only had a little time to explore.  

It may be hard to leave, but the team had to, they still have so much to do and see.



Our first full day of cycling in the beautiful country of Cambodia.  We started on the main roads, which are much quieter than the main roads in Vietnam.  The roads were flat too, which was very welcome.

However, the flat roads gave way to something completely different when we turned off to visit the villages.  Oh my goodness, red clay all the way! Pot holes and heavy, heavy rain which made the red clay almost impossible to get through.

As the rain was heavy, we wore our poncho’s which made us realise how important our lovely kit is to us, with our raincoats on, you really could not see that we are Teens Unite!

Despite the weather, this really was a fantastic day, we all love Cambodia, we have the most amazing people who have been so happy to see us, and we have seen some amazing sights.

We’re at our hotel now, and despite the free mud bath we all got, we’re all looking forward to a hot soapy bath and a nice evening meal.

Check out the photos from today in the Cambodia 2017 album. We’ll post more as we go.

Love, Deb x


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