Vietnam to Cambodia Cycle Challenge - crossing the Border

18 October 2017
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Vietnam to Cambodia Cycle Challenge - crossing the Border

The third day cycling for the team, and an exciting day as they crossed the border in to Cambodia.  Today’s challenge was 60km.  After breakfast, travelling to Ha Tien, they saw beaches of unparalleled beauty. From here, crossing the border into Cambodia, and meeting their Cambodian guide.

The team then headed to the beach town of Kep on the Gulf of Thailand’s coast. Kep is famous for its fresh seafood and French colonial villas.  It’s a really relaxing, lazy place to be, so the team looked forward to indulging in an array of fresh seafood and finally putting their tired feet up (but not too much time to be "lazy" as another day of cycling awaits!)



So, for our last night in Vietnam we were taken to what was described as one of the best restaurants in the Country.  It was a fish restaurant, but we have never seen so many mosquitos, ever! They were everywhere, on the ceiling, the tables, in the sauces. We didn’t want to appear rude, but really wanted to eat and run!

The restaurant had no white wine, so they sent the waiter over to the Supermarket opposite. Not wanting to appear ungrateful, he really should not have bothered. It really tasted like Sarson’s!

A good night’s sleep and up at 7am for a two-hour coach trip.  Our last trip with our lovely guide Chow, who treated us to more singing, and told us that today would be a route filled with hills.  Everyone is feeling it today, but no one complains.  We stop for coffee and water and get on our bikes, to cycle the 20km to the border.

On the way we stop at many schools and meet many lovely children, who are so happy to receive the gifts that we have for them.  It really was a delightful morning.

We stop for lunch, today we have seafood, we loved the squid.

After lunch we have a short 5km ride to the border, where we know it will take some time for our papers to be processed. It’s a very bureaucratic process, but we are all in high spirits as we are so looking forward to continuing our adventure in a new country.

The weather is hot and the skies are blue as we finally cross the border to new bikes, a new bus and a lovely new guide whose name in unpronounceable so he tells us to call him NikNak.  We bid a fond farewell to Chow and thank Vietnam for a wonderful experience.

Ahead of us is a 40km ride, and the threat of rain – we had a threat of rain on the first day which never appeared, so we head off in our shorts and t-shirts, not worrying about our ponchos.

 NikNak arranged for us to meet a Cambodian family and visit their traditional family home. Initially, the children ran off, but soon came back to see and we had a lovely visit.

It was very hot, and the black clouds gathered very quickly. 9km in to our 20km the heavens opened, we had no chance to get our ponchos on, and have never seen rain so heavy.  It was so heavy it actually knocked my contact lens out of my eye.

As you can imagine, when we finally got to our destination, we were freezing cold, and all needed hot baths and a good rest.  This hotel is outstanding, I have to say Cambodia you have done us proud, this is possibly one of the nicest hotel rooms I have ever stayed in.

We’re heading out for dinner at 8pm, Cambodian style, we will keep you updated.

Love Deb x

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