Vietnam to Cambodia Cycle Challenge - a well earned rest day

21 October 2017
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Vietnam to Cambodia Cycle Challenge - a well earned rest day

Today was a well earned rest day.

After a day of rest, a wonderful evening exploring the busy streets of Phnom Penh, the team were able to tour the main sights of the city by vehicle. Some of the locations included the Royal Palace and Silver Pagoda facing the Mekong River. The Silver Pagoda, built in 1962, is famous for its luxurious decorations of silver paved floor and collection of Buddha statues made from rare metals and stones.

After a lunch break, the team travelled to the Killing Fields, where large numbers of people were killed during the Kymer Rouge communist regime.  The next stop was the Toul Tom Pong market. The market is the city’s best place to purchase art objects, textiles, antiques and old Indochinese coins.  A bit of souvenir shopping for the team.

Tomorrow, the team head out to visit the locals and give out some gifts that have been kindly donated by our very generous supporters.


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