Taj Mahal Cycling Challenge: Day Six

13 November 2019
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Taj Mahal Cycling Challenge: Day Six

Today has seen our Taj Mahal Cycling Team cover the biggest daily distance of the whole trip; just over 100km. We caught up with Debbie to hear more about the last couple of days which has also included a number of visits to various community projects:

"Yesterday we were up at 5.45, breakfast at 6:30 and left at 7:30. We got a bus to our bikes and then cycled through beautiful countryside. 

We had a lovely lunch of chicken tikka and vegetable bhajis, before heading to plant trees in a local village so the children can have some shade. 

In the evening, we watched some traditional dancing with Sarah and Jayne also doing some drumming around the pool.

This morning we were up and out early again, and we cycled 35km through beautiful countryside and tiny villages. 

We arrived at a local school where we were giving out bags of toiletries and other goodies to the children; this was very emotional and the children were so grateful. There was a little boy aged four, carrying his two-year-old sister on his back to school - she was really shy and upset by us being there. Her brother gently kissed her head to reassure her.

The children had their assembly, and it was so fantastic to see how respectful they were for each other. Different children stood up to say different things and it was lovely to see how considerate they were whilst they were each saying their piece.

Esther decided to do some singing with the children; we all sang heads, shoulders, knees and toes which was incredible and all of the children took part. 

Everyone was really emotional just seeing the children's little faces when they were gratefully receiving their bags; it has really pushed us to pedal faster! By lunch time, we had already covered 50km.

Cycling was hard today but so enjoyable - we all achieved so much. 

At the end of the day, the group was given a choice; we were able to go and plant a solar panel in the village to give them light, or we could continue with the last leg of cycling.

The group decided to split, and I went to the village to install the solar panel.

It was amazing; we walked through many fields and villages, giving out lots more bags to the children who ran eagerly towards us to collect their bags.

When we arrived at the house where we were installing the solar panel, the people welcomed us with delicious food and took their beds out of their bedrooms, laying them on a patio area for us to enjoy comfort. 

The rest of the team did so well with the last leg of cycling; it actually turned out to be twice the distance we expected! They are so proud of themselves – and rightly so!

We are just heading to dinner, everyone is so exhausted but excited for what the rest of the week has in store. We are having the most amazing time and the group is getting on so well; it’s our biggest overseas challenge team ever but as always we are all building amazing friendships."

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