Taj Mahal Cycling Challenge: Day One and Two

09 November 2019
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Taj Mahal Cycling Challenge: Day One and Two

After a slight delay to their flight, the Teens Unite team landed safely in India yesterday and have had some free time to explore before they take on their challenge of cycling over 400km across India. 

Over the next week, the team of 29 Teens Unite supporters will pedal their way through India, all in the name of raising funds and awareness for Teens Unite. 

We'll be following their journey with a daily blog and lots of pictures over on our social media pages, so if you don't already, ensure you're following Teens Unite on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter

Today we caught up with our CEO and Co-Founder Debbie, who is taking part in the Taj Mahal Cycling Challenge and told us everything about their trip so far: 

"Day two was very exciting - we were allowed a lie in! We woke up to a very thick fog - level 350 (the level should be less than 25) - so today has definitely been a 'mask day.'

We've been to see the sights of New Delhi, as this will be the only day we have chance to explore the area. Conditions are too poor to cycle because of the smog, so we've just focussed on sightseeing and getting a real taste for the culture of Delhi.

So after an interesting morning of viewing and visiting some amazing landmarks, and having a wonderful guide who filled us in on some amazing facts about New Delhi, we went to a local cafe for lunch. The food was amazing. The cafe was very busy, so myself, Lorraine, Lisa and Julie were put on a table with four Indian ladies. They welcomed us with open arms and it really opened our eyes to how the locals love their country, love the visitors, and make you feel really warm and welcome.

We had an hour back at the hotel to pack our bags, ready to go off to Jaipur. We'll be catching the train at 4:30am, so our bags have now gone ahead and we're in our hotel with very little luggage! We met at 5:30 in the lobby to explore New Delhi in the evening.

We've experienced tuc-tuc rides, lots of banter, fun and danger! Riding in a tuc-tuc is really quite different - the driving was madness but they seemed to master it! Jayne, myself and Esther were in a tuc-tuc and ended up bumping into Viv and Nicola whilst the boys went to watch the football. We're having so much fun exploring all the different markets and really embracing the Indian culture.

Just as our evening was drawing to an end, we decided to stop and see how a sari is put on. Myself, Esther, Jayne and Nicola ended up buying one each, and enjoyed the rest of our evening in the traditional Indian attire.

On our walk back to the hotel, we bumped into a lot of poor people and lots of young children begging hungry on the street, right next to a McDonald's. Myself, Esther and Jayne purchased them all Happy Meals and Ice Creams and when we gave them out, the children were eating as if they had never seen food before, so this was really rewarding for us. I'm feeling very blessed to have been able to do that.

Back at the hotel, me and Esther are sharing dinner with Alex and Chris - our two doctors. Getting to know the people on this trip has been really exciting for me - it's a completely different group to previous years with lots of people from different walks of life. 

The food at the hotel is fantastic and everyone is in very high spirits but so eager to get going on the bikes! 

We can't wait to get our train early in the morning and head on that five-hour journey to Jaipur where we will start our cycle challenge!

To support the team on their challenge, please click here to donate.

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