Taj Mahal Cycling Challenge: Day Four

11 November 2019
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Taj Mahal Cycling Challenge: Day Four

We have finally been able to catch up with the team who are currently cycling through India in aid of Teens Unite; their internet was completely disconnected yesterday due to protests! It was great to hear what they've been up to over the past couple of days - they've made great progress with their cycling so far, here's an update from our CEO and Co-Founder Debbie who is out there with the team:

"Yesterday morning we were up at 4am to leave the hotel and travel five hours to Jaipur via train.

It was a real experience and we were quite pleasantly surprised; a butler went up and down the carriage serving breakfast and coffee through the journey!

We arrived at our next hotel and unpacked before heading off to collect our bikes. We had a fantastic 20km bike ride around Jaipur which allowed us to understand lots more about the city and their culture. Then, we had dinner and were able to watch a performance of folk dancing in the hotel, where Kenny got up and got involved!

This morning we were up early again and headed to the fort, and then we were reunited with our bikes so the real cycle challenge could begin! We began the cycle going off-road, through lots of little villages - there were quite a few hills but we were rewarded with very pleasant scenery.

We had a couple of hours to go shopping and do some exploring (or rest!). Lorraine and I explored and went to find some Saris and other goodies to bring home with us.

We've decided that on the last night, all the girls will wear Saris, so we are back at the Sari manufacturers that Lorraine and I found and everyone is buying one. 

We have eaten dinner at the hotel and tonight we're watching even more folk dancing - this time, Chris and Grace got up and joined in the performance."

Tomorrow the team will be taking on a whopping 80km - please show them your support by clicking here to donate.

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