Student Volunteering Week- Sarah's Experience

21 February 2018
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Student Volunteering Week- Sarah's Experience

Teen, Sarah was eleven years old when she was diagnosed with Osteosarcoma in her right Tibia. Sarah has come a long way since her initial diagnosis and is now in remission. Teens Unite has supported Sarah as she overcomes the lasting effects of a cancer diagnosis and we were delighted when Sarah expressed an interest in volunteering with us.


As it’s Student Volunteering Week, we thought it was the perfect time to share her experience of volunteering with Teens Unite to help others in a similar situation.  


“I get a huge sense of achievement knowing I'm playing my part in helping a charity that has done so much for me, my friends and so many other people. Whether you can give minutes, hours or days, the volunteer roles are designed to fit around your time, so it is a very flexible thing to do.


Whether you are cheering at events or going to one of the teen’s days, it all makes a difference to the teens as well as helping yourself gain valuable life skills and meeting people who have something you can learn from.  


I would encourage others to volunteer for Teens unite as you are always going to feel a part of something big. The charity may not be the biggest but it has one of the biggest hearts for the people that are helped by the charity as well as the people that take their time to help. You will never be a forgotten piece of the puzzle. Sometimes it will be hard to deal with some of the challenges, but someone will always be there to help you and you will always be welcomed with open arms.”


If Sarah has inspired you to volunteer your time, take a look at our upcoming opportunities here or email for more information.

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