Reflections - the reason we are all here

20 December 2017
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Reflections - the reason we are all here

As we continue to look back at 2017, we think about the young people that we have supported and the amazing opportunities that we have had to unite them on their journey with others who truly understand them and can help them rebuild their confidence and self-esteem.

This year alone, we have hosted over 30 workshops and events that have bought together over 250 young people who are battling or who have battled cancer.

Our beauty workshops help young women come to terms with hair loss and the changes that treatment makes to their skin; CV writing and interview skills workshops help those that are ready to return to education, or start work, explain gaps in their experience confidently and prepare them for interview.  Teens Unite cookery days are designed to promote healthy eating and encourage independent living, the young people are brought together to learn key culinary skills and master cooking dishes that they can easily recreate at home.  Our activity retreats help young people regain their physical strength and help them understand to what extent they are ready to face new challenges. For many, these activities will have been the first time they have challenged themselves since their diagnosis and all the workshops provided them with a real sense of achievement and encouragement rebuilding the confidence and self-esteem that many will have lost through their illness. 

In addition to the workshop events, we have been very kindly gifted premium tickets to almost 40 events, including premiership football games, concert and theatre tickets and sporting events, which have helped to make happy memories for more than 120 teens and 100 of their friends or family members.

Most importantly, we get the young people together, to make new friends and show them that they are not alone in overcoming the challenges they are facing.

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