Paula's Grand Canyon Diary | Day 4

21 October 2018
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Paula's Grand Canyon Diary | Day 4

Day Four... A 4am start when cowboy coffee was very much needed and despite a night of heavy rain, we managed to get out of camp ahead of time.

Trekking uphill, in the pitch black (head torches only) without our guides who were packing up camp was an adventure in itself! Our group of 10 set off a few mins apart and all of us managed to get lost at least once or twice in the 2 mile trek to Havasupai village!

Thankfully the sun started to rise around 6.20am and it became easier to navigate our way through the Canyon.

The trek down was 2,500 metres in elevation over 10 miles and guess what...that was the route back! The first 8 miles was tough but we kept a strong, steady pace until we got to the switchbacks towards the Hualapei Rim ... This bit was soooooo hard. Probably the hardest bit of the whole journey. But we did it! 

This last week was one of the hardest for me as so many things were outside my normality and comfort zone but that was the point. Pushing yourself isn’t supposed to be a walk in the park (or the Canyon for that matter...)


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