Paula's Grand Canyon Diary | Day 3

20 October 2018
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Paula's Grand Canyon Diary | Day 3

Day Three and a few pics of the Falls a few minutes walk up hill from camp.

We could hear running water the whole time and wow did this baby make some noise! We waded through the water and from the other side trekked out, climbing over lots of fallen rocks to basically walk right through what becomes a river bed during the many flash floods that can happen here.

The landscape constantly changes due to fallen rocks and weather conditions so the guides take photographs and report back to other guides if they notice any changes in route or dangers that groups should be aware of.

Our guides were amazing - Terrence and Will you rock! We would never have got to see some of the things we did without them. They told us facts and stories the whole trip which was fascinating and we learnt so much - not only about the geology and formation of the Canyon but about the Native American culture and the pain they have been (and still do) go through. It’s another world... 


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