Paula's Grand Canyon Diary | Day 2

18 October 2018
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Paula's Grand Canyon Diary | Day 2

On Day Two, we trekked to Mooney Falls. Sadly and very scarily, someone had died there two days before and the Falls had just reopened. I didn’t in all my days imagine I would do something like this - it was terrifying!

No helmet or harness, 196 feet, slippy from spray and missing rungs from ladders meaning a lot of the climbing was on the rocks. I had a panic attack about half way down after we had come out of the first descent which was tiny caves. Our fab guide talked me down every move, telling me where to put my feet and telling me to breathe slowly to calm my nerves.

After our group all got to the bottom safely, we hiked on (down more smaller climbs!) on to Beaver Falls for a swim and some lunch. I tortured myself on the walk back as, you guessed it, we had to go climb back up to get out but I DID IT and I flew up like a rocket!

So why did we do this trip? It’s been to raise money and awareness for Teens Unite and every ache, pain, discomfort and fear has been worth it if we help them to help more young people after their cancer diagnosis.


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