Paula's Grand Canyon Diary | Day 1

15 October 2018
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Paula's Grand Canyon Diary | Day 1

On Saturday 6th October, Paula set off on the journey of a lifetime alongside her daughter Abby and two other supporters of Teens Unite, John and Sam. Together, they trekked the Grand Canyon - a gruelling challenge that they all completed with a motivation to help raise money and awareness for Teens Unite. Here's Paula's account of their first day in camp:

"After our gruelling 2,500 feet hike down to Havasupai, we arrived to a camp all set up for dinner as one of our guides went ahead to make sure we were ready to settle in before dark.

There are no lights. There is no electricity. There are no flushing toilets. There are no safety fences or barriers. You have a torch or a head lamp and you need to watch where you are going.

I’ve had many firsts on this trip, and sleeping in a little tent at the side of a mammoth piece of rock is one of them! (We weren’t too close though as you can get killed by falling rocks on your tent). We were right next to the creek which is fed by Havasu falls (5 mins uphill walk from us) so the noise of the water was like sleeping next to someone doing the vacuuming all night.

Just a few photos to show you the flavour of the camp, the views we could see, including our two guides, Terrence and Will making the dinner! The food was fantastic and despite the energy expenditure, we’ve all put weight on! I thought I’d be eating beans every night but we had a three course dinner sat on our camp chairs, plastic plate in hand, every night.

All our supplies came to camp on 8 horses and mules which the guides arrange and are rode down from the rim by people from the Havasupai tribe. I’ve never smelt so much horse poop in my life but this became a god send on the return as we used it like Hansel and Gretal to follow the trail back as we set out without guides (more of that in other posts!).

It’s hard to show the drama of our views, such is the height of everything so whilst these pics are not exciting to what we did see, they show where we lived in our little clearing."


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