One month to go!

08 May 2018
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One month to go!

Despite a warm weather spell and a Bank Holiday Weekend thrown into the mix, supporter Mark is persisting with his training for the Helsinki Half Marathon on 9th June. With one month to go, his training plan is becoming more intense and he has our support every step of the way.

"This week has been a bit of a blur if I’m honest. I can’t put my finger on why, but the week has flown.

I think it might be after a few weeks of uncertainty around a new job, I finally got some good news and that’s given me a bit of a natural high. Its helped with my training and when something or someone puts a spring in your step then even the hardest of chores suddenly become easier, a pleasure.

There are days when I think of as many reasons as I possibly can not to get out and train, but this week I’ve looked forward to every run and when your training five days per week, it isn’t always easy to get up and go.

The legs have been tired on quite a few occasions; I guess when your upping your training plan that’s natural, but I can tell that 24 hours of recovery isn't long enough for them! 

With the morning so nice and sunny on Sunday, I set off on my eight mile run. The preparation wasn't ideal, I left home later than anticipated so the heat was starting to intensify. I didn’t drink any water before leaving home, I didn’t take any water out with me and for some mad reason I decided to head out from Hoddesdon to Roydon following the country roads with no paths to run along and boy it was hilly! (The name of the road; Hamlet Hill should have given me a clue!).

Nevertheless, I surprised myself by running at a consistent pace and whilst ending the run with an extremely red face, I didn’t feel particularly tired. A good sign for Helsinki.

Bank Holiday Monday was rest day and after spending a couple of hours at Standon setting up the Teens Unite stall for the May Day Festival, an afternoon of rest and recovery was the order of the day."


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