Now it's my turn...

24 March 2018
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Now it's my turn...

Meet Adele, she’s taking on a challenge for Teens Unite, read all about her reasons here, and look out for updates on her training and fundraising.

“I will be cycling 280km through the natural beauty of rainforests, plantations, volcanoes and beaches of Costa Rica - just a little more terrifying than planned! This will be in November so I have time to train and raise the funds...

.......but why am I doing this?

I have worked alongside Teens Unite for the last few years providing accommodation at Mill Hill School for them for their annual Activity stays and reunions. The stay is jammed packed with activities and events, not only to provide the chance to learn new skills but also an opportunity to spend valuable time with others in similar situations.

I have seen first-hand the massive positive impact that this has on all the young people, where strong friendships and wonderful memories are made and how they push themselves out of their comfort zone  - so now it's my turn!

I have already started to train hard for this event, I have never cycled any further than a few miles on a bike and I know that this is going to be a physical and mental challenge for me.  I will post updates as I train - so here goes!”

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