New Year comes with resolutions

01 January 2018
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New Year comes with resolutions

As we welcome in 2018, we start the year very positively with New Year Resolutions, many of them about ourselves, losing weight, stopping smoking, being more fit and healthy.  How about something different this year?  About resolving to help young people, aged 13-24 with a cancer diagnosis?  Perhaps the company that you work for would like a Charity of the Year partnership with Teens Unite. Over the coming days, we will tell you about the fantastic benefits that partnering with us could bring to you and your employer

Customers notice organisations that are being socially responsible, and reward them with their loyalty and custom. Particularly if they can relate to the cause that’s being supported.

With time, people start to associate your company name to our Charity and our cause. If your customers also support our cause, they are more likely to reward your company with their custom and loyalty.

Seeing that your company is actively supporting a cause shows that both your company and its leadership team are dedicated to causes outside of their own.

Your company will benefit from the media coverage, positive brand association, promotion and social media exposure; all of which can lead to an increase in your business’ bottom line.

Stay tuned this week as we unveil more of the benefits of a Charity of the Year partnership, and if you think it’s something you’d like to explore, do get in touch.

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