Meet Steve - Teens Unite Volunteer & Fundraiser

31 January 2019
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Meet Steve - Teens Unite Volunteer & Fundraiser

Meet Steve - he has been volunteering his time and fundraising for Teens Unite for four years. Over the years, he has taken on many challenges and regularly fundraises for the charity - whether that's by representing Teens Unite at one of our bucket collections or running raffles, bonus ball draws and fundraising events in his own time. Without supporters like Steve, Teens Unite simply would not be the charity it is today. Here's what Steve had to say about the overwhelming sense of personal achievement and pride he has when thinking about all of the amazing things he has done for Teens Unite:

"When I first discovered Teens Unite I had never really been into any kind of fitness. I met with the charity for the first time in the summer of 2014 when I was looking for a local charity close to me to fundraise for, to keep me focussed as I had just started running and had signed up for my first event.

I felt so inspired by them to raise money and awareness for the charity that I eventually signed up as a volunteer the following spring.

I have now completed many different running challenges including three marathons (Bournemouth, London and Berlin) and will be running my fourth marathon in London on April 28th this year. I have also completed ten half marathons and twelve 10km races - not bad for a non-runner 4 years ago.

My favourite challenge was the first ever run I completed at Give Your Town The Run Around in September 2014. It gave me great pleasure running in my hometown and to be able to complete it and call myself a runner.

My motivation to keep running and raising funds is knowing how many young people I am able to help and the enjoyment they get on Teens Days out, which I hope makes them feel a bit better.

After completing my three marathons to date, the absolute joy and pride I have brings me close to tears. It’s not just the day of the run, it’s the whole build up through months of training. It’s tough, but the thought of what the teens are going through inspires me to keep fighting the pain.

Running and raising money has now become a huge part of my life and a passion of mine, and to know I am doing it to help rebuild a young person’s life is so rewarding. Teens Unite have always helped and supported me in whatever I do and I appreciate everything they do to help me. It’s a pleasure to be able to call myself a volunteer of Teens Unite, as well as challenging myself and being able to fundraise at the same time.

To anyone who is considering doing a challenge for Teens Unite - whether you’re taking on a Marathon, holding a cake sale or just giving your time, no matter how big or small you will make a difference and it will change lives.

This year will be another year of amazing challenges for me. I can’t wait to run the London Marathon again and I’m also taking on two even bigger challenges this year: a Skydive and the Teens Unite Taj Mahal Cycling Challenge!" - Steve Pilcher, Teens Unite Volunteer and Fundraiser

Have you got what it takes to do something amazing and help a young person overcoming cancer to rebuild their life? Click here to see our upcoming challenges, or click here to register as a volunteer so you can see first-hand the difference you are making.

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