London Marathon Top Tips

16 January 2018
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London Marathon Top Tips

With just under 14 weeks to go until this year’s London Marathon, it’s time to start your training if you haven’t already. We know it can seem daunting knowing where to start, especially if you’re new to running, but don’t fear, Teens Unite is here!

Between now and the big day we are teaming up with Teens Unite supporter and marathon runner, Nathan Randall to share our top training tips to help get you across the 26.2 mile finish line.

Now that the New Year is in full swing, what better time to lace up your trainers and dust off your running gear to beat the January blues than now.

They say the beginning is a very good place to start, so here we go.

Relax- It’s a marathon - not a sprint. Relax into your training and aim to simply enjoy these early training runs. These shorter runs are an important part to building up your fitness for the longer distance runs ahead.

Moderation- The key is to train in moderation and gradually build up your fitness over time. If you are the competitive type, we cannot stress the importance of avoiding the temptation to run too hard and too fast at these early stages of your training. Remember, slow and steady wins the race.

There will be plenty of chances in the coming weeks to push yourself hard and test your ability, but for the time being, focus on developing a strong “base” level of fitness, before you take the intensity up a notch and put in the higher mile runs.

Need some Motivation? Perhaps the cold and wet English weather is putting you off getting out of bed to put the early miles in. One way to get motivated and out on the road is to treat yourself to some new running gear. Whether it’s a new pair of Marathon running shoes, a new waterproof, under layers or fancy leggings... Buying new kit is a great way to turn your dread and fear of training into getting out running to show off the new kit!

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