Listen to the Body or Your Head?

21 May 2018
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Listen to the Body or Your Head?

Helsinki Half Marathon runner Mark is persevering with his training - even whilst suffering with a hip injury! With less than three weeks to go until his run on the 9th of June, Teens Unite supporter Mark shares his latest training update with us:

"Listen to the body or your head?

I’m writing this 10 days since my last blog and the days are ticking by.

After last weeks training which finished with the hill climb at Hamlet Hill I’ve ended up with a niggling hip injury and in the last seven days I’ve struggled to shrug it off, it’s just hanging around.

Of course the sensible thing to do would be to rest, take my foot off the gas and ease back on the training, but no not me! I listened to my head and not my body and continued with the training programme, which finished off with 10 miles on Sunday, Hoddesdon to Ware and along the river to Hertford and back, I knew from about 2 miles in I shouldn’t really be running but of course I carried on and whilst I was in pain at the end of the run mentally I felt extremely satisfied!

Rested on Monday and had some cryotherapy on Tuesday, freezing the hip at minus 80 to help with the blood circulation and speed up recovery. They suggested I rest but of course my compulsive nature resulted in another 5 miles shortly after my session at the Physio!

It got me thinking about why do I run through the pain?

Here’s what I came up with.

• running usually gets me outdoors which is a refreshing change from the rest of the day
• running is a time to think, mull, ponder
• running is also a time to finally stop thinking, mulling and pondering
• running is alone time
• running is connecting with friends time
• running allows me to challenge myself and to define the limitations of that challenge
• running gives me a daily accomplishment

Today I did ease off the gas and cycled in the gym and stretched out the muscles and another session at Physio with a 30 minute sports massage.

So with under 3 weeks to go, should I be listening to the body or the mind?"

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