Just One Week To Go!

05 June 2018
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Just One Week To Go!

This Saturday, 9th June, Mark will be running the Helsinki Half Marathon as the UK ambassador in aid of Teens Unite. His latest blog reflects on his journey through training and the obstacles he has overcome on the way:

“So this is it… what the past 15 weeks of long runs, short speedy runs, physiotherapy and strength training have all been leading to! What a relief, and yet in a strange way it feels wrong… I don’t want to lose the fitness I have built up; the strength in my legs, the endurance… will it all disappear this week if not used? Will I feel fat and lazy on the start line on Saturday due to lack of exercise?

Part of me rejoices that the hard work (apart from doing the actual 13.1 miles of course!) is now over, but at the same time I don’t want to let the momentum go! I completed my last “long run” of six miles on Sunday. I went over to Wormley Playing Fields and spent an hour or so helping the Teens Unite staff and fabulous volunteers set up for their It’s a Knockout event before running back home and clocking up 6 miles.

I’ve now just got two short runs of three miles to complete this week before we head out to Helsinki on Friday and I race on Saturday at 8.45am. It’s been an enjoyable 15 weeks training but of course extremely difficult at the same time. Getting into a habit and a pattern of running isn’t always easy; life can get in the way. It may be work, a social event or family event but somewhere along the way you may get sidetracked. There have been days where I’ve had to run at 6am to fit in my training run and there have been times I’ve run at 8pm in the pouring rain. But with the help of friends and family I’ve stuck to the programme.

So if I can just be slightly self-indulgent I’d like to thank a few people for helping me along the way – because I really haven’t done this on my own. Thank you to my partner Nicky who’s encouraged me, shown patience and understanding. Paul, thank you for joining me in some of my training runs; it’s helped me keep focused especially on the long runs we have done together. Your moaning, worrying or idle chit chat has helped the miles fly by!

Thank you to everyone who’s sponsored me... every penny you’ve kindly donated will help this wonderful charity.

Thank you Helsinki Half for putting trust in me to be an ambassador. I hope I’ve delivered what was expected of me!”

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