From Hoddesdon to Helsinki

22 March 2018
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From Hoddesdon to Helsinki

We're always ovewhelmed when supporters of Teens Unite go the extra mile and Mark is really going above and beyond. In fact, he's travelling nearly 1,500 miles from his hometown of Hoddesdon to Finland to take part in the Helsinki Half Marathon, all in aid of Teens Unite.

We are a charity close to Mark's heart and over the next 11 weeks, he will be clocking up the miles before race day on 9th June 2018 in a bid to raise as much funding and awareness as he can to support our work in uniting young people and rebuildng their lives following a cancer diagnosis.

For the next 78 days, we will be sharing Mark's journey with you as he pushes forward with his training and makes his way to the start line.

Here's Mark's first account of his training:

"I'm just a guy who runs to keep his mind and body as healthy and fit as possible.

I've completed marathons and half marathons in the past, but for the last few years 10km has been my optimum distance, although I do run 25-30 miles per week. 

Focus is the key word for me in my preparation for Helsinki. I've learnt the hard way by under training for my second London Marathon in 2009 and really not enjoying it from mile nine. It spoilt what should have been an amazing day.

This is an amazing opportunity to run in a beautiful city and I'm even an Ambassador for the Helsinki Half Marathon too. So I need to train with a plan and I'm fortunate that my job and shift patterns allow me to run in the day, making the wet, winter weather more bearable.

I'm planning on slowly building up my mileage over the coming months. I won't be ignoring the aches and pains...if a warning light appears on my car then I book it into the garage and I believe my body should be treated the same. I have an amazing physio and keeping my body in shape is as important as getting the miles in.

I'm really looking forward to visiting Helsinki and seeing everything the wonderful city has to offer. I just hope I soak up the sites on the days leading up to the event and I don't lose concentration on race day!

I ran my last half marathon two years ago in a time of 1 hour 51 minutes so I'm determined to run in under 1 hour 45 minutes.

To keep me focussed and determined to get the job done I'm going to raise money for an inspirational charity, Teens Unite that I have supported for a number of years.

Keep tuned to follow my journey to race day!"




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