Fordy Runs to take on Ragnar Relay for Teens Unite

12 July 2019
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Fordy Runs to take on Ragnar Relay for Teens Unite

On 21st September, Fordy Runs for Teens Unite will be taking on the Ragnar Relay – a two-day 170-mile running challenge – in aid of Teens Unite.

This incredible (but intense!) challenge will take the team through picturesque towns and over white cliffs, with each leg of the relay ranging between 3-11 miles and varying in difficulty. They’ll be running through the day and through the night all in the name of raising funds and awareness for Teens Unite.

So, without further ado, we introduce you to the Fordy Runs for Teens Unite Ragnar Relay Team!

 Chris Ford 

 From: Hertfordshire

 "I wanted to run Ragnar to raise money for Teens Unite and to prove to all the everyday runners if I can do this they can achieve their goals too!"




 Matt Deller

 From: Kent

 Day Job: Head of Commercial for Music Education Body

 "I try with all my running to have a charitable goal/cause to keep me focussed and motivated. I was moved by the work Teens Unite are doing and hope the little bit of pain I have to endure during this challenge will go a long way to help these young people to get the support they truly deserve.


 Billy Jackson

 From: Kent

 Day Job: Manager for family business

 "I am taking on this challenge for Teens Unite because I am in awe of the amazing work that this charity does so I’d like to challenge myself by taking on the Ragnar challenge and raising as much as I possibly can."


 Chris Beale

 From: Surrey

 Day Job: IT Service Delivery Manager

 "As a father of 3 kids I can only imagine how difficult it must be to have a child with cancer. In taking part in this challenge I hope to raise as much money as possible for Teens Unite so that they can improve the lives of teenagers suffering from this awful illness."


 Iain Wilson

 From: South Shields

 Day Job: Work in IT Supporting Back End Servers

 "I am always looking to challenge myself whilst raising funds for charitable causes. I ran my first 45 mile Ultra last year (45 miles on my 45th birthday seemed a good idea!) and I'm running 4 marathons this year plus other events including the Endure24 24 hour relay at Leeds on my birthday! I cant wait to help raise funds for this amazing charity to help and support the teenagers dealing with cancer."


 Eddie George

 Day Job: Sales Manager 

"The C word is never great for anyone but too often in life people underestimate the social and emotional impact it can have on someone’s life. The teen years are challenging at best for young people and you offering support and experiences for those going through cancer is truly inspiring."




 Bryce Ford

 From: Cheltenham

 Day Job: Aviation Systems Design Manager

 "I was initially asked to just be the driver, but I wanted to contribute more; both to challenge myself personally, but to give something more to the group.... and to the cause that we are running for."


James Trueman

 From: Birmingham

 Day Job: Graphic Designer

 "I wanted to take on this challenge because it will be a physical and mental challenge that gives me the opportunity to run in a unique team environment."


 Stephen Elliot Wright

 From: Middlesborough

 Day Job: HGV Driver

 "To raise awareness for teenage cancer and help towards supporting young people through their challenges. I'm looking forward to competing and completing this challenge as a team, also the challenge of taking my running to another level and experiencing a team event."




 Stephen Barr

 From: Essex

 Day Job: Equity Trader

 "I've never taken part in a team event before, and this seemed a good idea... at the time! I'm looking forward to a pint at the end!" 




We are wishing all of the Fordy Runs team the very best with their training - we can't wait to hear all about the Ragnar Relay in September! You can keep up to date with their training on Facebook here, and show them your support by clicking here to donate.

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