Don't Stop Believing!

30 May 2018
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Don't Stop Believing!

It's little over 1 week until Mark heads to Helsinki to run the Helsinki Half Marathon. His training hasn't come without challenges - being diagnosed with Gluteal Tendinopathy has caused him to rethink his training plan and technique. Here's Mark's latest training insight: 

"Whatever your goal, your dream, your next challenge - you need to be all in. If you are giving anything less than your best, you can only expect a half-hearted result.  

When you think about it, whether it be work, personal life or relationships, if you give less than your all the outcome may disappoint. After having my hip injury diagnosed as Gluteal Tendinopathy Iʼve been struggling with the thought of potentially having to drop out of the Helsinki Half Marathon and worrying about how ready I will be to run the 13.1 miles in under two weeks time. My Physio has promised to “band aid” the injury to enable me to not only be able to run on race day but to be able to run at “full strength”. So with regular sessions including shock wave therapy I'm "all in" for Helsinki.  

If I use some common sense and pull back on my training, change to low impact cardio such as swimming or cycling to keep me ticking over up to race day Iʼll be fine… Unfortunately common sense and Mark Green have not always been best of friends! Although saying all that, since the injury I have cut back on the runs, taking more rest days between runs - and this has of course helped. Iʼve still managed to get out and run a couple of 4.5 miles, a 6 mile and an 8. With the rest in between, I have felt relatively ok. Let’s get the challenge over and then look at rehab, conditioning and strength training.  

Of course Iʼve shared my worries with friends and family, and after speaking to my partner Nicky she told me I needed to stop the negative talk and be ALL IN for the half marathon; if I started thinking that I couldnʼt do it, then I probably wouldnʼt be able to do it. So Iʼm changing that attitude and giving the Helsinki half my best on June 9th - although the time on the clock is now less relevant, it’s all about the experience! Don’t stop believing!"

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