Costa Rica - Day One

19 November 2018
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Costa Rica - Day One

On Saturday 17th November, 14 incredible supporters of Teens Unite jetted off to Costa Rica for our 2018 Overseas Cycling Challenge. Our CEO and Co-Founder, Debbie Pezzani is among the team and will be updating us throughout the week as they cycle 280km through beautiful rainforests and stunning volcanic scenery. Here's what Debbie had to say about day one as they travelled 5427 miles from London Gatwick to Costa Rica.

“After a very long day we arrived at the hotel around 24 hours after checking in at Gatwick Airport. Everyone went to bed exhausted, but we knew the challenge would be worth the wait and everyone was excited to get the challenge underway in the morning.

Breakfast was at 7:30am and was lovely, although there was a big uphill climb to the restaurant, which everyone was panicking about before we even started on the bikes!

Food included scrambled egg, rice, beans and fresh fruit – we felt reenergised and ready for our Day One cycle briefing.

In the morning the weather was pleasant, with just a few clouds and a fresh feel to the air. As the day went on, it got hotter and hotter.
There were a lot of hills; some of us had to get off and walk up them (lack of training on my part, I have to say!).  Everyone pushed on despite the difficulty of the route and did so well. 

Lunch was lovely; we stopped by a river to tuck into our sandwiches, which tasted so good as we were so hungry and had worked up such an appetite! Sarah got stung on the back of her knee, but thankfully Doctor Sam was on hand to provide the care she needed. 

After lunch, we were cycling down a hill and round a corner, where it got quite busy with cars and lorries. Adele fell of her bike and scraped her knee, but thankfully, once again, Doctor Sam was on hand to help! She soldiered on though, and kept pedalling to complete the route for day one.

After Doctor Sam had been amazing at looking after us all, we had a bit of a disaster as we lost him on the route! Luckily, we had set up a WhatsApp group prior to the trip, so by sending our location we were able to reunite and he was soon safely by our side once again.

We finally arrived at our hotel after seven and a half hours of cycling, feeling exhausted and still jet-lagged. We’re having an early dinner tonight so we can have an early night and try and get rid of our jet lag. 

Tomorrow is the hardest day of the challenge, so a bit of rest and recovery is much needed – especially as our accommodation tomorrow is camping with only a cold-water shower!” 

Check out the photos from Day One by clicking here.


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