Costa Rica - Day Four

22 November 2018
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Costa Rica - Day Four

Day four of the Costa Rica challenge saw the fourteen cyclists pedal their way through another 60km route. We are so proud of their determination; it hasn’t been easy given the horrendous weather conditions, but they’ve kept pedalling and are nearing those final few kilometres.

“Day 4 and we started early with a 6:30am breakfast.

Hopefully it’s a bit of a downhill start today as we’re all so sore from all the inclines yesterday! And it’s STILL raining!

We’re hoping to smash out a lot of the ride quite quickly today as the route is 60km, which is quite a distance when it’s raining and your legs are tired. We’ll definitely be stopping for a coffee break en route today to re-energise.

Every now and again, we stop for a breather, stretch our legs and refill our water bottles. We stopped today and saw a little sloth in the tree, who seemed to be quite appreciative that we’d stopped to watch him!

Off again and the route is up and down, although it’s a lot easier than yesterday. Everyone’s got used to continually feeling wet thanks to the persistent rain.

Another few kilometres completed and we stop for our well deserved coffee break. I thought I’d stepped in nettles, but no, I’ve stepped on an ants nest! My feet are covered in tiny little ants that are just biting away – it’s so painful.

The next part of the route was very off road and difficult to ride. The next 10-12k required lots of concentration and hard work to keep on your bike and navigate your way through. It’s tough going and we have to stop frequently to give our arms a little rest.

We’re now going back through the banana plantations and we have found some tarmac! Tarmac is an amazing feeling when you’ve been off road. We’re doing quite well; people are feeling quite tired but we’re definitely clocking up the miles.

At lunch we stop for a picnic, and to everyone’s excitement we’re 48km in already. Everyone is feeling really pleased that the homeward stretch after lunch is going to be quite short! We had tuna salad wraps followed by jammy dodgers and soft drinks. There was nowhere to sit though; the grass is covered in ants so it’s difficult to find a spot where you’re not getting bitten. We’re all desperate to continue and get to the hotel as soon as possible to have an early, relaxing night.

We arrived at the hotel, proud that we cracked another 62km ride. Everyone is exhausted however not quite as tired as we were yesterday. Viv and Lisa are really excited; they’ve seen that there’s a massage available so they’re booked in, followed by Jayne and Nicola. By the time everyone else had got their act together there were no more spaces left! Four very lucky people are going to go to bed with a lot less sore muscles than the rest of us!

We’re staying bang in the middle of a rainforest - and it’s still raining! There are lots of bird watchers here which is quite surreal; they have the biggest camera lenses I’ve ever seen. We can also hear monkeys and growling in the background but sadly we haven’t seen anything yet.

We’ve all been bitten alive by mosquitos and ants, but we’re here at the hotel and ready to relax before we take on day five.”

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