Challenging yourself in support of Teens Unite

05 October 2018
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Challenging yourself in support of Teens Unite

Teens Unite supporter Steve is continuously pushing himself to new limits with challenges from marathons to skydives, and his driving force is raising vital funds and awareness to help us support young people overcoming cancer. Steve has recently completed the Berlin Marathon; here's what he had to say about challenging himself in aid of Teens Unite: 

“My latest challenge in September 2018 saw me take on another marathon (my 3rd one). This time, it was my first ever event abroad in Berlin, Germany.

The reason I continue to challenge myself and raise funds for Teens Unite is to help all teenagers who personally overcome their own challenges on a daily basis and keep on fighting. I feel every pound I can raise makes their life better where they can enjoy a day out, for example a pamper day or events like the Activity Stay.

My training was made that little bit harder as we had a UK heat wave- the hottest summer for many years. I did most of my runs in the morning when I could, building up the mileage each week. I had a few little niggles but no major concerns. I took part in a few races to help my training as well.

Race Day

I arrived in Berlin, did some sightseeing and collected my race pack and number then tried to relax before the big race on the Sunday. It was very warm in Berlin - around 28 degrees warmer than I had expected. On the day of the race I made it to the start line in plenty of time; there was a big buzz around the start as this was a World major marathon race in which the world record would be broken. At least I can say I ran the same course as the world record holder!

My race started well and I felt good going through 10k and up to the half way point I was feeling good. It was a hot day and I was just starting to feel a little pain in my knee. This did slow me up as well as the heat, but I managed to keep going and the jubilation I felt as I turned the final corner and could see the Brandenburg gate in the distance spurred me on to a sprint finish (well it felt like a sprint). I spotted my Wife Lyn as I went through the gate, which gave me the energy for the final 400 metres.

I had finished and was overjoyed at the finish line completing my 3rd marathon in less than 2 years. 

I said at the finish that this would be my last marathon to family on the phone, but now I can’t wait to run another one. But first, I have my eye set on three other challenges all to help me raise funds for Teens Unite. 

Challenge one is to do a Triathlon. I am hoping to do this in May 2019, I just need to practise my swimming. Challenge two is a skydive from 13,000 feet in June 2019, and then in a couple of years I would love to join the overseas bike challenge with Teens Unite CEO Debbie & some of the team.

I look at different ways to fundraise; for my next challenges I am planning on doing a quiz night, a music night and events from cake sales to raffles and name the teddy. I try to look at ways of raising money that people will enjoy and give them a chance to win, and I ask local businesses to donate prizes to help me maximise funds for Teens Unite.

I enjoy doing different challenges as it helps keep me fit and my pain is nothing compared to what the teens have to go through. This is what helps me to carry on training and raising funds for them."


If you've got a challenge in mind and want to complete it in aid of Teens Unite, please email so we can support you every step of the way. We also organise and have charity places for a number of challenges throughout the year; please click here to find out more and choose your next challenge!

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