Activity Stay 2018 - Day One

17 August 2018
  • Teens

Activity Stay 2018 - Day One

What a fantastic start to our 2018 Activity Stay! 

We've been joined by 20 young people at Mill Hill School for a week jam packed with exciting activities. After getting to know each other a little, we all headed to our rooms briefly where the young people could settle in, get to know their new roommates a bit more and take a look at the Teens Unite goodie bags we prepared for them. We've already seen a few people sporting our Teens Unite tshirts and personalised water bottles! 

We then made our way from the house to the hall, where we played a few games to break the ice. After a game of Bob Bob Bob, Look Down Look Up, Anyone Who and Chair Maze, our cheeks were sore from laughing so much and we came away feeling like we've known each other for years! 

Then came the moment we've been waiting for all day... a delivery from Domino's Pizza! After we tucked in, we were lucky enough to be paid a visit by volunteers Kim, Beverley and Melissa who gave us all hand massages and painted our nails. We're now feeling super relaxed and ready for our Sports Day tomorrow! 

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