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15 Apr, 2018
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Reunion Stay- Day 3

It's day three in Ridgeway House...

Having woken up this morning as fully fledged beatboxing professionals, we were ready to kick-start the penultimate day of this year's Reunion Stay and learn yet another skill to take away from our time here. 

We spent the morning with wellness and life coach, Jessica Bentley, who delivered an interesting session on 'active listening'. We considered all of the distractions we face in everyday life, which interrupt the way we communicate and listen to each other from phones and technology to feelings of worry and anxiety. By learning the art of 'active listening'; the teens will be able to improve their communication skills in both a personal and professional capacity. 

After a spot of lunch, we were joined by the wonderful Patricia Trautman, who held a yoga and meditation workshop. Everyone welcomed some rest and relaxation; in fact it was so relaxing we could hear some snoring amongst the room...The workshop focused strongly on mindfulness; Patricia explained that we rarely make time to care and look after ourselves in modern society, so she showed the teens some key practises, which will help improve their overall wellbeing long after the Reunion Stay. 

This afternoon was also an opportunity for the teens to embrace their creative side in a screen printing session. Working with stencils and paint, the teens were able to design their own t-shirts and bags to take away with them. From batman prints to unicorns, each creation was unique. 

Once again, we've been joined by some amazing indivdiuals who have all volunteered their time to help with the running of the day. Thank you to John, Aman, Emily and Jim. 

We're sad to say that this year's Reunion Stay is drawing to a close, but what better way to spend our last evening at MIll Hill School than with a celebratory dinner? Everyone has dressed up for the occasion as we indulge in a delicious three course meal and reflect on the special memories shared over the last few days. 

Here's to an incredible weekend! 




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