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13 Apr, 2018
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Reunion Stay- Day 1

It's day one in Ridgeway House...

The Reunion Stay 2018 is in full swing! As we reflect on our first day, verses of The Greatest Showman soundtrack can be heard in the background as the teens take to the karaoke machine. 

For the next three days, Ridgeway House at Mill Hill School will be our home as we bring together 25 young people supported by Teens Unite for an action-packed, residential break. They have all attended one of our annual Activity Stays in previous years and this is an opportunity for them to come together once again so that friendships can flourish, new skills can be learnt and valuable time can be spent with others who are also overcoming a cancer diagnosis. 

After arriving this afternoon, everyone was able to unpack and get settled in their rooms, before having a chat over some tea and cake lovingly baked by our fabulous volunteer, Spyroulla. We think everyone may be going home with a few extra pounds under their belts, as teen Derry surprised us by bringing two homemake cheesecakes along as well. 

Not everyone has met before, depending on the Activity Stay they have previously attended, so we kick-started our itinerary of activities  with some ice breaker games. After a few rounds of 'Look Down the Cup', 'Bob Bob Bob' and 'Chair Maze', everyone soon got to know eachother as we look forward to an exciting three days together. 

The ice breaker's certainly worked up an appetite and what better way to get the conversation flowing than over a slice of pizza or two, so there was only one thing for it- a Domino's delivery. 

Tonight we are singing our hearts out in an evening of karaoke. Expert on the mic, Emma Nelson is volunteering her time with us- she forms part of Capel Manor Choir and always helps to get the party started. 

One of the highlights has been teen Derry's heartfelt 'Oasis' tribute to Celina; a young lady who attended one of our Activity Stays and recently lost her battle with cancer. There wasn't a dry eye in the house and it shows the strength behind the friendships made at Teens Unite. 

It's been amazing to see everyone come together once again and we're so excited for what the next few days hold. You can keep up to date with all of the action as it happens by following our Facebook and Instagram pages. 

We're excited for what tomorrow has in store- with baking brownies and beatboxing being just a couple of the activities we have up our sleeves....





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