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30 Jul, 2018
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Friendship Day 2018 | Meeting Friends for Life through Teens Unite

We're celebrating International Friendship Day 2018 by sharing friendship stories from some of the young people supported by Teens Unite. Read Ella's words about the friendship group she has formed through Teens Unite, who she now considers as her family: 

"In 2017 I attended the Teens Unite Activity Stay at Mill Hill where I first met Hope as we were sharing a room. We just clicked instantly and talked all things treatment to boys to our favourite food.

Throughout the stay, all the girls were on the same floor so we got to know one another day by day, which is how I got to know Lauren, Sarah, Fay, Marta and Amanda. We would get put in teams and groups for different activities but when we had free time I’d always find myself going to see these girls and just catching about everything and anything.

When the Activity Stay was up, I decided to make a girls group chat and we talked all day every day about everything and anything each one of us wanted to talk about or vent about. Obviously it was hard as we were all scattered around the country from Eastbourne to Watford, to all the way to Nottingham, but the more we talked the more each one of us would write in the chat that we have ‘found our people,’ ‘our tribe’ which is true. The girls just get me and I get them and I couldn’t ask for anything better; finally people understand when I say words like neutropenia, FBC, haemoglobin or complain about something cancer related, the aches and pains I still get, the tiredness, the long lasting side effects of treatment.  

The girls and I like the same things which included the days out Teens Unite hold, so we would discuss who’s free, who’s thinking of going and would plan to go so we can enjoy the day and have a catch up and see each other. Another thing that all of us were into is Harry Potter and we spoke about how we would like to go to the studios which happens to be 10 minutes away from where I live. We planned who’d be free, who’d want to go and so we had a day out at Harry Potter Studios and then the next day before the girls headed home we met up for lunch to have a catch up. We’ve also done Secret Santa and exchanged gifts at the Christmas Boat Party and we’ve also stayed in Air Bnb’s together when we were going to Teens Unite evening events. We’re currently planning to meet up in London!  

The friendship that I have with the girls means everything to me, from the advice, to the jokes every day - they always seem to put a smile on my face no matter what and have helped me through some rough patches. I really don’t know what I would do if I didn’t have them to help me. I’ve never had a proper group of girl friends that just get me and as Fay would say, I’ve definitely ‘found my people’ and ‘tribe’ thanks to Teens Unite. Every cloud has a silver lining; cancer was the cloud and the silver lining is the girls. They are my family now as well as Teens Unite."

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