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30 Jul, 2018
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Friendship Day 2018 | Meeting Friends for Life through Teens Unite

We're celebrating International Friendship Day 2018 by sharing friendship stories from some of the young people supported by Teens Unite. Sarah explains how being a part of Teens Unite helped her to meet lifelong friends, who truly understand what it is like to overcome the social and emotional side effects of cancer, as well as the physical effects: 

"I met so many people at the Activity Stay that I never would have been able to meet if it wasn't for Teens Unite.

I became particularly close with the girls. We have a Facebook chat where we talk to each other every day, whether it is asking how everyone is, or if someone has a problem with health or life in general.

We all have our own individual friends but no one that has been through the same journey we have. It is amazing being able to talk to someone who can relate to you rather than people telling you that it will be okay with no helpful advice whatsoever.

We have all met up outside of Teens Unite, with some of us going to The Harry Potter Studios together, meeting up for drinks and we are even organising a girls weekend trip away at one of the girls houses.

Most of my friends can live a normal life and not have a care in the world, however I have to limit what I do because of the effects of cancer such as tiredness and leg pain. With the friends from Teens Unite, they understand me, and help me in their best possible way to make me feel included and even adjust plans for me. It sounds cheesy, but these girls will always be my friends and more importantly, they will be my family for life."

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