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30 Jul, 2018
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Friendship Day 2018 | Finding a Silver Lining to Cancer

To celebrate Friendship Day 2018, we asked some of the young people we support about the friendships they have formed through Teens Unite. Mikhaila and Eilish met at the 2016 Activity Stay and it has been a pleasure to watch their friendship blossom. Here's what Mikhaila had to say about their friendship: 

“I first met Eilish at the Activity Stay 2016. I didn't know anyone beforehand, so I was trying to get to know as many people as I could. Eilish was one of those people, but our friendship didn't truly flourish until afterwards.

Eilish had completed the Sri Lanka cycle challenge in September 2016, and I called her for advice and encouragement because I wanted to do the next cycle cycle challenge, in Vietnam. We began to chat here and there, and I eventually convinced her to do the challenge with me! By the time the Reunion Stay came round, in April 2017, we were fairly close and bonded over the fact we were the two Teens who'd signed up for Vietnam.

The months that followed were filled with endless late night chats about training, fundraising and life in general. She was my cycle coach, my motivator and my confidant throughout the whole process, and before we knew it, October arrived and we set off for Vietnam. I couldn't imagine sharing that experience with anyone else and I'm so grateful that she encouraged me to do it.

We've talked most weeks and days since the Vietnam challenge, and even went on holiday to Spain together, back in June of this year! She's easily one of the greatest people anyone could have the pleasure of meeting, and I feel so fortunate to call her one of my best friends- she's more like a sister, if anything!

I can't thank Teens Unite enough for bringing us together- they do what they do so that people like Eilish and I can find eachother, and form these special bonds and friendships. We've always said that you have to find the silver linings to having cancer, and Eilish is, without a doubt, my silver lining.” 

You can read Eilish's words about her friendship with Mikhaila here.


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