Day 9: Sustainability, adaptability and silver linings

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20 Dec, 2021
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Day 9: Sustainability, adaptability and silver linings

During the Global Pandemic, young people already isolated by their cancer were further isolated by the need to shield. As a result, Teens Unite’s usual face-to-face delivery of our support program had to stop but all activities moved to online delivery instead. The Charity now runs a mixture of both Digital Activities and Face-to-Face. 

The impact of the Digital Development of the Positive Steps Program has enabled the Charity to reach more young people, from across the whole of the UK, no matter where they are geographically or on their cancer journey. At a time when many charities ceased or reduced beneficiary services, digital deliveries enabled Teens Unite to increase service delivery by more than 400%. 

We would like to introduce you to Kerrie who, at 19, was diagnosed with Hodgkin lymphoma. Kerrie’s treatment, like with so many of the young people we support, caused her further issues with the intensive chemotherapy destroying healthy tissues and creating a condition caused Avascular Necrosis, and she is now waiting for a hip replacement.

Kerrie’s mobility, coupled with her 'remote' location mean that it would have been difficult for her to have joined us for face-to-face sessions, however, she has been enjoying our digital sessions and says they have “hugely benefitted her anxiety and confidence” and stopped her feeling so “secluded from the outside world”. She says of the sessions “they have helped me stay connected and have fun…there’s always time to talk at the end of the activity and I enjoy speaking with my friends, getting to know each other”

While the shape of Teens Unite has been affected by the change in beneficiary service delivery during Covid-19, it also created an excellent opportunity to at least double the number of young people the Charity are able to support. The impact of Covid-19 has affirmed Teens Unite’s strategy to create an even better, more inclusive, differentiated charity supporting even more young people battling the long-term effects of cancer. With Digital Deliveries forming part of the five-year strategy.

It costs just £52 for a young person to join one of our digital sessions, meet new people, learn new skills, and stay connected. If you’d like to help us connect young people fighting cancer from across the UK, please donate today.

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