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9 Dec, 2021
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Day 4: Partnerships

Forging partnerships and building relationships with others are vital to our continual growth and development – we love the opportunities they provide to learn and meet new people. Over the last two years, Teens Unite has undertaken some innovative partnerships, working to change the landscape of cancer support for young people. We work closely alongside social workers and hospital teams across the country. Our support complements these roles and enables social workers and care professionals to offer young people an avenue of support to overcome the social and emotional challenges cancer brings.  

We understand the effects of cancer are long-term, which is why our support is too. Where other services often have limitations on how long their support can be accessed for, we're here for young people whenever they need us and however long they need us for. We have recently entered an official service collaboration with Young Lives vs Cancer; and by referring the support of each other, we can ensure more young people benefit from a combination of social care support and the, ongoing, peer-to-peer support of Teens Unite. 

Teens Unite works as a mutual referral partner with, a community for people with cancer and the Ellen MacArthur Cancer Trust, who support young people through sailing experiences. In addition, Teens Unite works in partnership with the Children and Young People with Cancer Coalition (CYCP).  Collectively, the coalition are informed by beneficiaries and service on issues that matter to them.

Collaborative working to ensure that no young person faces cancer and its long-term effects alone.

Our partnerships are not just with other Charity’s, we love working with local businesses, schools and colleges, there’s so much we can learn from everyone, so if you’re interested in partnering with Teens Unite, we would love to hear from you. Email us to find out more.

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