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30 Jul, 2019
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Activity Stay 2019: Day Two

We woke up this morning feeling refreshed and ready for the day ahead! 

Today was perhaps the most 'relaxed' day of the stay, but there were still plenty of activities and opportunities to try new skills! 

After breakfast, we split into two groups so we could all try both activities planned for today. 

Long-term Teens Unite supporters Kim-Leng and Matt joined us from Hu Long Temple, to teach us mindfulness, meditation and Tai Chi techniques. This workshop allowed us to express any thoughts and feelings through both words and movement. We learned some new breathing techniques, focussing on our body to control each breath and completely relax. We also paired up for an exercise that tested our ability to sense where our partner was to move next - a great team building game but also an introduction to techniques used in self defence.

The second workshop on offer today was a creative activity with Richard, Mill Hill School's Portrait Artist. We paired up and took it in turns to create portraits of each other using only charcoal, controlling the pressure as we took 'pen to paper' to create different shades. Richard talked us through his method of creating a charcoal portrait; to begin, we lightly shaded the background before drawing our partner, using basic shapes before adding further details. We were completely blown away by the portraits created by the young people - their attention to detail was fantastic!

We've headed back to the house now for a little bit of down time before we eat dinner. We've got one more activity planned for this evening that continues today's theme of 'Expressing Myself' - our ever popular Junk Percussion workshop! We'll be continuing to share what we get up to on our Instagram stories, so keep an eye out to hear how we come together to make some great music!

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