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31 Jul, 2019
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Activity Stay 2019: Day Three

This week is flying by; we can't believe we're already on day three! 

Today it was time for a completely different activity; our annual Apprentice Challenge! The young people were set a brief to create a brand new t-shirt that could be sold to raise funds and awareness for Teens Unite. This is always such a valuable workshop to all of the young people and often exceeds their expectations in terms of how much they enjoy it and how amazingly well they do. It enables them to push themselves, think creatively, communicate as a team and create a product that they are really proud of. 

The day started off with each team of young people meeting their mentors from Tesco, eBay, Pretty Lavish and HSBC. They began with a creative brainstorming session, bouncing ideas off each other to come up with their vision for their t-shirt design. After sketching up their ideas, they met with Louise from Symbian Create, who created a digital version of their designs.

Now, we had a product, but how would we sell it? It was time to work on a business plan, taking into account all costs, marketing ideas, target audiences and any obstacles we may have to overcome in the process of producing and selling the t-shirts. The young people fully embraced this task, with each team considering each other's strengths and sharing tasks accordingly. Together with their mentors, each team devised a presentation which they will share with judges at our Celebration Dinner on Friday, alongside a sample of their designs which have been printed by Ricoh. 

We were truly blown away by the level of professionalism shown by the young people throughout this task and we're so proud of what they have achieved together. We can't wait to share their designs with you later in the week. 

After dinner, we felt ready to let our hair down with our Karaoke Night! At previous Activity Stays, the young people have understandably been nervous and hesitant to get up and perform in front of a group of new friends. This group were quite the opposite! There was no stopping them as they continuously took to the stage to perform hit after hit, from Teenage Dirtbag to Wonderwall, and Teens Unite Karaoke favourite, Don't Stop Believing. 

It's time to get some well needed rest now before our day at Herts Young Mariners Base tomorrow! 

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