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29 Jul, 2019
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Activity Stay 2019: Day One

What an amazing first day we've had at our 2019 Summer Activity Stay! 

The Teens Unite team headed to Mill Hill School this morning to prepare for the arrival of 18 young people supported by Teens Unite. This was a brand new group of young people, none of whom have attended a previous Activity Stay, and some who have chosen this incredible week as their first Teens Unite event! 

We opened our doors to the young people at 2pm, showing to their rooms and having a little time to settle in before the jam-packed week ahead of us begins. Once settled into their rooms, the young people were able to meet in the lounge, get to know one another a little, and enjoy snacks and refreshments that have been generously donated by Teens Unite supporters. 

We then headed over to the main building for a few ice breakers, including some traditional 'sports day' games such as an egg and spoon race and bean bag obstacle course. Lots of laughter, chat and a few games later, the ice was truly broken and we felt like we had known each other for years! 

After dinner, we headed back to the house for our Quiz Night, led by our very own Quiz Master, Teens Unite's Operations Manager Lesley!

Day one was all about settling in and becoming familiar and comfortable with our surroundings and each other. We certainly achieved this and we're feeling energised for the week ahead! This week we hope that the young people are able to try something new, build the support network and friendships they need, and realise their true potential, helping them to plan for a life beyond cancer. 

The positivity and excitement radiated by these young people really is infectious and we can't wait to spend the next week with them!

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