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1 Aug, 2019
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Activity Stay 2019: Day Four

We can't believe there's only a couple of days left at the Activity Stay - but we're excited for two more days jam packed with activities! 

After breakfast, we felt fuelled and prepared for the busy day ahead at Herts Young Mariners Base.

The day started with a quick Health and Safety briefing - not the most exciting part of our week but definitely an important part! We were then able to put our harnesses and helmets on and get ready for some rock climbing!

Many of the young people felt a little apprehensive when they set sight on the towering climbing wall, but we were in safe hands with the team from Herts Young Mariners Base. The young people took it in turns to take on the climbing wall with climbs of varying difficulty, whilst their teammates stayed on the ground controlling the ropes. It was so heartwarming to see everyone cheering each other on and celebrating the achievements of others. Lots of the young people managed to make it all the way to the top, and everyone was able to test themselves physically and push their boundaries. 

Next, it was time to try some archery! This was a real test of strength and coordination; we definitely saw the competitive side of the young people as they challenged themselves to hit the bullseye! Again, we loved seeing the young people support each other through this activity, congratulating each other on their achievements.

After lunch, it was time for a bit of team work with our bell boating activity. We had to work together to row in unison, enabling the boat to move forwards. 

We are always thrilled to visit Herts Young Mariners as we see the young people pushing their physical boundaries and achieving more than they realised they were capable of. 

This year we were excited to introduce a new activity to our stay - an evening of magic with Josh Brett, Magician and member of the Magic Circle. Josh specialises in 'Deceptive Arts' and we were blown away by his tricks and illusions! He performed a variety of tricks, including one where he was able to transfer a cross drawn with marker pen on his own hand, across the room to Yasmin's closed hand, right under our noses! We are so thankful to Josh for giving his time to perform some magic for the young people at our Activity Stay.

Tomorrow we have a chilled out day ahead of us with a little pampering and a session with our friends from New Skills Academy, before the young people are able to pitch their t-shirt designs to our judges at our Celebration Dinner. Stay tuned to hear more about our final day of activities at the 2019 Activity Stay.


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