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We’ve put together a selection of downloadable materials to help bring your fundraising plans to life and give your event or activity that extra special Teens Unite touch.

If you require any other materials, such as collection pots, buckets, balloons and banners or you`re interested in selling Teens Unite merchandise at your event, please email or call 01992 440091. We can also provide a letter of authentication to prove you are fundraising for Teens Unite. 

Purple and Green Fundraising Poster

Let everyone know how you'll be going Purple and Green!


Purple and Green Certificate

Celebrate your success with our fundraising certificate.


Dress Purple or Green Flyer

Could your school go Purple and Green on 17th May?


Fundraising Pack

Find all of the essential information you need to plan your event or activity.


A-Z Fundraising

In need of a little fundraising inspirations? Check out our A-Z of fundraising ideas.


Fundraising Poster

Let everyone know what you have planned and why you are doing it.


Fundraising Invitations

Invite family and friends to help you make a difference.


Sponsorship Form

Collecting donations is easy with our sponsorship form.


Cake Pack

Everything you need for the ultimate cake sale.


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