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Yoga and Meditation Workshop (TEENS EVENT)

Evolve Wellness Centre, 10 Kendrick Mews, London SW7 3HG

A group of young people we support enjoyed a gentle afternoon and first experience of Yoga and Mindfulness. 

Patricia Trautman from Minding Emotions lead a beautiful session introducing the Teens to Yoga, the history and benefits of practice, taking everything back to the breath and allowing yourself to be in the moment. 

Patricia took the group through a sequence of gentle movements and relaxation, followed by an introduction to mindfulness. Mindfulness helps us to understand how we process our thoughts and feelings.  She created a calming, tranquil space for the Teens which ensured they had the time to relax and just "be". 

We would like to thank Patricia for teaching her practice with kindness, the Evolve Wellness Centre for a space hire discount and use of all equipment and our amazing volunteer Spyroulla for welcoming the group and supporting them through the afternoon. 

The young people gained so much from the afternoon which opened up many conversation and ensured they had some ‘tools’ to take away and practice in everyday life. Here's what Belinda, a young person we support had to say about the afternoon

"The class was very relaxing and taught me techniques on how to relax and de-stress, particularly when faced with stressful and anxious moments following my diagnosis. I enjoyed the Yoga part of the workshop as the exercises had increased my energy and gave me another exercise option. I had learnt so much from the class, particularly about how different parts of our brains operate, in terms of where our emotions are held and how the evolved part of our brain then controls how we deal with our emotions and how we deal with what we do next. I felt that by learning this, I feel more in control with my anxiety surrounding my Cancer diagnosis.

 I would definitely try yoga again, especially as I had initially thought that I wouldn’t be able to do some of the exercises. I have learned a lot from the class and would really like to try similar classes."



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