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What's Next? Discovering the Strengths Cancer Uncovered (TEENS EVENT)

Digital Session

This is the third session in our series of 'What's Next?' workshops; a series of digital sessions, which will run over four sessions, every Monday for 1 – 1.5hours and will give you the opportunity to discover the strengths cancer uncovered. They are designed to support you, build your confidence especially around work and give you a sense of achievement whilst also meeting others in a similar situation.  

This event is in partnership with The Tom Bowdidge Youth Cancer Foundation and SCOR, bringing a wealth of support and knowledge. 

In the first session you will hear from young people who have been in a similar situation, you will feel inspired by their stories, but will also have the opportunity to ask any questions you may have about work and cancer. 

You will then receive a one to one session with a professional to explore your strengths, and how they will empower you when applying for job roles or throughout life. Your experience made you, you!

In the third session you will learn and develop skills in presentation – this session will also be led by Speak First in partnership with SCOR in an interactive and easy way. It’s about you gaining experience and confidence to present yourself.  

When it comes to the final session, you will feel empowered and confident and present your own story, talk about what your strengths are and how you feel they will guide you into what’s next for you! No one can tell you your wrong, afterall, it is your story!

If you are thinking about what’s next and are looking to build your confidence and discover your strengths then you cannot miss this event. We will be limiting the event to four young people to ensure you gain the most from the sessions. However we will run a waiting list for future events like this, so make sure you sign up today!

Attending this event will enable you to:
- Interact and socialise digitally with others who get what they're going through
- Feel a sense of achievement, improving self-confidence and self-esteem
- Reduce feelings of isolation and loneliness 
- Encourage you to think positively about life with and beyond cancer 
- Set realistic goals to increase motivation 
- Develop skills such as team work, public speaking and active listening


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