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Siblings Cookery Day (TEENS EVENT)

L'Atelier des Chefs, London

On National Siblings Day, what better way to celebrate than to take the siblings of some of the young people we support to enjoy a culinary afternoon at L’atelier des Chefs. And what a great time they had learning to make fresh pasta and a delicious fresh puttanesca sauce, in true Italian style!

In pairs, they worked the dough ready to pass through the pasta machine and made the perfect tagliatelle! Not only did they make new friends, work together and learn new skills, they then sat down to enjoy the meal with other siblings to Teens that Teens Unite supports. 

We wonder how many will now be buying a pasta machine to show off their skills at home!

Sibling support is very important to us, and we will be adding a range of sibling days to our calendar, so keep an eye on the events calendar and our Social Media posts.

And if you are interested in our future siblings days please get in contact by email - or call 01992 440091



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