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Patisserie Masterclass (TEENS EVENT)

L'atelier des Chefs, Oxford Circus, London

We were delighted to return to L’Atelier Des Chefs in London for another brilliant workshop, funded by the TUI Care Foundation, and their generous customers who fly in to Stansted Airbase and donate their unused holiday funds!
All Teens Unite workshops are special, but this one was a little different as we had a camera crew from The One Show in attendance to capture teen Abby enjoying the day for coverage of her upcoming Children in Need Rickshaw Challenge. We were thrilled to be able to show them a bit of the Teens Unite magic!
Upon entering the kitchen, we were greeted by chef Al, who spent the afternoon teaching us how to make some delicious treats.
First, we mastered the art of pastry making to produce a sweet and refreshing lemon tart.
While the tarts were baking away in the oven, we went on to make a second dish – salted caramel profiteroles. We made each part from scratch, from the choux to the creamy caramel filling and the delicious chocolate dip. We had a great production line going, to fill and dip all of the profiteroles we had made!
Once we had finished the batch of profiteroles and taken our lemon tarts out of the oven, we were able to enjoy our tasty treats over some fresh juice and lots of chat. They were absolutely delicious and everyone was so proud of their creations!
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Here's what some of the young people thought about the day...

"I had a fantastic day, I met some lovely people. I had a great laugh, and I can cook. Thank you." – Jodie, 16, Medulloblastoma 

"The activity gave me an opportunity to spend time with people in similar situations, meeting old and new faces, as well as being able to try new skills." – Jess, 23, AML

"I enjoyed all of it but I think what I enjoyed the most is when everyone lined up in a production line and each one of us had an assigned task." – Paullyanne, 14, Acute Myeloid Leukaemia

"It helped me create new friendships and build up teamwork skills." – Brandon, 19, Acute Lymphoblastic Leukaemia


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