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Meet The Meerkats (TEENS EVENT)

Paradise Wildlife Park, White Stubbs Lane, Broxbourne

A group of young people enjoyed an unforgettable experience at Paradise Wildlife Park visiting and feeding the meerkats. The young people joined the fantastic zoo keepers in the meerkat enclosure where they met and learnt about these curious little creatures. Everyone received a feeding bowl, although the meerkats didn’t need much persuading and quickly found their way in and around the young people, the food and even rolled over for a tummy tickle!
The keepers then took the group for a tour around the park, sharing their knowledge about the other animals in and around the park. In particular the new lion enclosure, which allows you to get closer than ever before!
The young people enjoyed a fantastic morning and continued to enjoy the park together into the afternoon.
A HUGE thank you to Paradise Wildlife Park for their continued support and a special thank you to the keepers for looking after us all along the way.


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