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Photography and Video Editing (TEENS EVENT)

Digital Sessions

Led by professional photographer and editor, Jeanette Lendon of Jet Black Squares, we hosted a short photography course and competition. Teens learnt how to use their smartphone to compose and take professional-style photographs. They then learnt how to use Snap Seed, an app to enhance and edit their images, before entering a photography competition to win a new lens for their phone.

The video editing was a pre-recorded session from multi award-winning creator, photographer and videographer, Katie Ellison, introducing teens to VLLO, an app to edit and develop their own video content.

•    Identifying and expressing feelings through creativity to improve emotional well-being 
•    Reducing feelings of isolation and loneliness 
•    Providing a sense of achievement, improving self-confidence & self-esteem

“I've learnt new ways to edit my photos. I also enjoyed talking to others and seeing others.”

“I really, really enjoyed today’s activity. It was great to learn a new skill that we can take away and use all the time!”


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